Classes & Grades

Chadwell Staff Directory by Grade Level

You can find the full directory and links to teacher and staff email addresses on the School Directory page.

Administrators and Coaches

  • Elnora Mitchell- Principal
  • Alice Scott- Dean of Instruction
  • Dr. Sidonie White- Dean of Students
  • Dr. Megan Suggs- Literacy Coach
  • Darren Whitehead- Numeracy Coach


  • Elizabeth Cavender


  • Marc Montgomery
  • Hailey Thompson
  • LaKenya Council 

1st Grade

  • Taylor Nelson
  • Maletha Belgon
  • Whitley Varnick

2nd Grade

  • Steve Pollock
  • Jennifer Campbell

3rd Grade

  • Doretha Essex
  • George Myers

4th Grade

  • Brenda Fields
  • Gloria Simpson

5th Grade

  • Raymond Crawford

Exceptional Education

  • Josh Herndon
  • Marshavia Watson
  • Christina Vance

Related Arts

  • Mary Bennett- Art
  • Christopher Glenn- Music
  • Eric Counts- P.E.

English Language Teachers

  • Brandy Buggs
  • Karen Drew


  • Theresa Shipp

School Counselor

  • Meredith Cooper

Advocacy Coach

  • Renee Tomlinson

Family Resource Center Coordinator

  • April Holman

Office Staff

  • LaShawn White- Bookkeeper
  • Antoinette Sims
  • Alejandra Corchado-DeLeon